Our Services

Pinxing provides a one-stop China market solution for global premium brands including country brand agent in China, brand positioning and strategic consulting, integrated marketing, E-Store Operation Agent, channel distribution, warehousing logistics, customer service and technical service. Pinxing helps cooperative brands to increase their visibility and market share and create greater business value.

Country Brand Agent

Having been in the Chinese market for years, Pinxing has the ability and successful experience to help expand the Chinese market for global premium brands. At the same time, we can provide foreign brands with legal policy interpretation services for entering the Chinese market as well as being the national agency to provide the service.

Brand Positioning / Strategic Consulting

Combining the knowledge on consumer awareness and analysis of the competitive environment, to provide market research, SWOT analysis, brand strategic decision-making services etc., to help customers form differentiated brand positioning and to help brands to improve their core competitiveness.

Brand Integrated Marketing

The company follows the development ideology of “product and result as one.” With understanding the brand as the basis, it customized differentiated creative marketing program for each brand, and provides marketing services which include event planning, live delivery by pop stars and KOLs, promotion inside and outside the platform, and independent outsourcing services.

E-Store Operation Agent

Based on data analysis, carry out sophisticated E-store operation management, provide services such as comprehensive e-commerce (JD.COM) platform settlement and store agency operation.

Channel Distribution

Relying on years of channel operation experience to assist brand docking E-commerce channel resources, providing distribution services, and support in product pricing, store image, sales strategies, communication and promotion.

Warehouse Logistics

Pinxing Logistics has been practicing the service concept of flexible, fast, highly efficient and reliable. Equipped with many modern warehouses locate in core cities that can provide B2B warehousing and distribution services, B2C order delivery and withdrawal services, and logistics service covering the whole country. Meanwhile, Pinxing is also one of JingDong Logistics’ collaborative warehouse strategic partners. Through sound logistics network, Pinxing’s delivery service encompasses a wide local region whilst still achieving the same-day delivery efficiency at the earliest.

Technical Services

Providing whole channel digital commerce solutions and IT technical support from brand-to-consumer, providing a stable, secure, scalable and flexible one-stop service.

Customer Services

Pinxing has a professional, efficient and dedicated customer service team that provides customized customer relationship management (CRM) and customer experience management (CEM) services, in addition to general customer consulting, after-sales and complaint handling services.

Providing one-stop China market solution for global premium brands.

Pinxing helps cooperative brands to increase their visibility and market share and create greater business value.